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Welcome to the website of the electronic scientific journal «Heritage of Centuries».

The new publishing project of the Southern Branch of the Russian Research Institute of Cultural and Natural Heritage – the electronic peer-reviewed scientific journal Heritage of the Centuries – is intended to become a promising platform for interregional and international scientific communication, expand the horizons of modern cultural sciences, promote dialogue Scientists and the widest sections of the public.

The magazine’s editorial board pursues a policy of open access to scientific publications, contributing to the improvement of information exchange in science, as well as increasing the citation of papers and, consequently, the effectiveness of the scientific work of authors published in the journal.

Our journal allows you to publish materials demonstrating the benefits of an electronic publication: the use of hypertext, graphics, audio, video, software and other features. In addition, publication in an electronic journal with good reason is considered to be submitted for discussion by the international scientific community.

All articles published in the magazine are reviewed. Articles are published in Russian and English and are accompanied by translation of detailed summaries into the second language of the magazine.

The planned periodicity of issues is 4 issues per year. Access to all issues of the magazine is permanent, free and free.

The editorial board of the scientific journal «Heritage of Centuries» invites all interested specialists to cooperate.

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